Featured on CriminalElement.com
01/31/2018 4:13pm

A two-chapter excerpt from The Company of Demons has been featured on…  READ MORE >

Book Signing
01/25/2018 12:40pm
Book Signing
01/25/2018 12:37pm
Signing on Wednesday
01/25/2018 12:21pm

There will be a signing at Rocky River Public Library…  READ MORE >

New Book Signing
01/15/2018 12:17pm

New book signing at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland, Ohio,…   READ MORE >

Book Signing
01/15/2018 12:12pm
First Signing Soon!
01/05/2018 6:05pm

First signing is one week away and details are in the Events listings. If you are in the Cleveland area…  READ MORE >