Blog tour starts today!
10/10/2018 3:09pm

Join me at this month’s blog tour destinations as I answer questions, write guest posts and occasionally do something a little different. The first “stop” is today!  READ MORE >

Review from Mensa
06/01/2018 12:45pm

“This book is a well-written and complexly plotted crime thriller.” Caroline McCullagh, MENSA Bulletin

Exciting results on!
05/30/2018 1:57pm

The rankings of The Company of Demons has taken a big jump  READ MORE >

Good news: Get the book for $0.99!!
05/17/2018 1:19pm

The Company of Demons is being featured as the Goodreads Daily Deal today!…  READ MORE >

New giveaway underway!
04/27/2018 2:04pm

A new Goodreads Kindle edition giveaway is happening now! The giveaway runs…  READ MORE >

New Giveway Coming!
04/04/2018 8:11pm

There will be another Goodreads Kindle Giveaway…  READ MORE >

Recent Interview
03/26/2018 10:17am

Here’s a recent television interview…   READ MORE >

New April Book Signings!..
03/24/2018 1:54pm

Join me at these April book signings…  READ MORE >

Thank you!!
03/16/2018 4:04pm

Thank you for the ratings and reviews! New newsletter…  READ MORE >

Good stuff!
02/27/2018 4:01pm

Lots of good stuff going on: television, newspapers, book signings!..  READ MORE >

New Goodreads giveaway for Kindle ebook edition
02/13/2018 4:45pm

New Goodreads giveaway is up for the Kindle ebook edition running…  READ MORE >

Another great Goodreads giveaway concluded!
02/01/2018 11:34pm

Another great Goodreads giveaway concluded! If you won a copy…  READ MORE >

Featured on
01/31/2018 4:13pm

A two-chapter excerpt from The Company of Demons has been featured on…  READ MORE >

Signing on Wednesday
01/25/2018 12:21pm

There will be a signing at Rocky River Public Library…  READ MORE >

New Book Signing
01/15/2018 12:17pm

New book signing at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland, Ohio,…   READ MORE >

First Signing Soon!
01/05/2018 6:05pm

First signing is one week away and details are in the Events listings. If you are in the Cleveland area…  READ MORE >

Happy Holidays
12/22/2017 4:44pm

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season and special times with friends and family!

Thank you, once again!
12/18/2017 11:44am

Thank you for all of the ratings and reviews!

New giveaway coming in January.

Scheduled book signings  READ MORE >

Final Day of Giveaway
11/30/2017 3:48pm

Goodreads giveaway ends December 1! Great response to date. If you receive a copy…  READ MORE >

Cool stuff is happening!!
11/13/2017 2:38pm

~ Our official launch party will be held on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 7pm at the Rocky River Public Library, 1600 Hampton Road, Rocky River, Ohio 44116.

~ The first book signing will be held…  READ MORE >