Giveaway Ends Today!
10/31/2017 4:47pm

Goodreads giveaway ends today! If you receive a copy, reviews and ratings are much appreciated. Thank you for your interest!

The Beginning
10/27/2017 10:37am

There was never any trouble at the Tam O’Shanter, even on a rocking weekend night, even when one of the Tribe smacked a homer for a go-ahead run. Tim and Karen ran a tight joint, the perfect hideaway to lounge beneath faded posters of ’70s rock bands and sip a cold one. So when Karen screamed from the seedy alley behind the bar, our little oasis was shattered. Tim bolted for the back door.  READ MORE >

Newsletter Sign-Up
10/23/2017 4:38pm

Thank you for your support of the giveaway! If you receive a copy, please consider rating or reviewing–much appreciated. I’m putting out a newsletter to keep everyone posted as we progress toward the January release date.  READ MORE >

New Giveaway Underway
10/18/2017 5:04am

A new Goodreads giveaway is underway. Here’s a sneak peek at a passage which occurs after our protagonist, John, believes that a serial killer is on the prowl and worries about his secretary, Marilyn.

“Thanks. Have a good weekend, but watch yourself.” An uncomfortable vision of Marilyn’s severed head, her long, colorful earrings scattering the light, flashed through my mind.
“Don’t worry. Flirting with a knife salesman is absolutely out of the question. Unless he’s really, really cute.”

Thank you
10/11/2017 10:35am

The fourth Goodreads giveaway went really well! Thank you for your reviews and ratings. They are much appreciated.  READ MORE >

A Friday Excerpt…
10/06/2017 4:58am

The following passage appears after our protagonist, John, and his favorite bartender, Tim, stumble upon the remains of a human body and call the police:

“A couple of unnaturally serene cops soon strolled in, a tableau of belts and guns and badges. Tim filled them in, and the uniformed pair walked toward the back door to the alley, past the vintage Wurlitzer and the pool table wedged into an alcove beneath a hand-lettered sign that read No Gambling. The dark side of me wanted to follow them, to see if they might go off-script when they saw what someone had done to that body in the trash.”  READ MORE >

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