“...It is a scary book. No, I mean a really, really scary book—and not just because of the murders. It is not for the faint-hearted. It’s like a huge, long-anticipated meal that gives one absolutely everything to eat that was ever desired—if eating a huge meal like that was the goal. The plot, the characters, and the details all conspire to give the reader a book that is excruciating to put down because of the craving to see what happens next.”
- cleveland.com and Sun Newspapers
"Cleveland-centric thriller by local author is cross between John Grisham and Stephen King."
- Cleveland's Scene Magazine
“…enough twists and turns that many readers will be surprised by the ending of this story, which is part serial killer thriller and part legal drama.”
Sarasota Scene Magazine
"In this intense novel - gory at times, but flecked with humor - lawyer John Coleman struggles to keep his life in order as his situation becomes increasingly precarious. The writer (no, not that Michael Jordan) weaves dramatic Law & Order-worthy courtroom scenes as part of a page-turner about deception, betrayal, addiction and mystery, in which nearly every poor decision comes back to haunt."
- The George Washington University Magazine

- Cleveland Plain Dealer
"A well-written and complexly plotted crime thriller."
- Mensa Bulletin
“The terror of the Torso Murderer returns in this gritty, Cleveland-centric tale. Jordan delights with crackling dialogue, true-to-life characters, an intensely paced plot, and an explosive finale. A must-read for fans of Lecter, Dexter and the Ripper.”
- John Keyse-Walker, author of Sun, Sand, Murder and Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed. Winner of Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award.
“Michael Jordan brings characters and scenes to life in this emotionally gripping and compelling breakout novel. Brilliantly crafted.”
- Rick Porrello, author of To Kill the Irishman (adapted into a major motion picture), Superthief!, and The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia--Corn, Sugar, and Blood
"Set in Cleveland, the reader is met with a haunting past, a game of cat & mouse, fear, anger, a search for answers, relationships, betrayal, consequences, manipulation and the desire for justice. Buckle up, buttercups – this is one hell of a ride!"
"This is my sort of book, very dark and violent with suspense that makes my skin crawl like finger nails down a window pane. This is the debut novel by this author and he has smashed it. Just one wicked story from beginning to end. Bring it on Mr. Jordan!"
"Truly fast-paced, ...I could not put it down as I watched our protagonist, John, get himself deeper and deeper into trouble. Kudos to Jordan who was able to create a character that made me feel so many emotions... I binge read this one over the course of a few hours and feel like other lovers of crime fiction will too."
"...you get thrown into the story – I was gripped and the fast pace continued right to the end."