New Giveaway Underway
10/18/2017 10:50pm

A new Goodreads giveaway is underway. Here’s a sneak peek at a passage which occurs after our protagonist, John, believes that a serial killer is on the prowl and worries about his secretary, Marilyn.

“Thanks. Have a good weekend, but watch yourself.” An uncomfortable vision of Marilyn’s severed head, her long, colorful earrings scattering the light, flashed through my mind.
“Don’t worry. Flirting with a knife salesman is absolutely out of the question. Unless he’s really, really cute.”
“I should know better than to try and give you advice. See you Monday.”
“Something to look forward to.”
“I’ll miss you, too. Seriously, though, be careful.”
“I’ll take that as an admission that you find me irreplaceable.”
Marilyn put up a brave front, but I could sense that she was fearful, like anyone should be. She lived alone in a condominium in Bay Village, with no one to hold when there was an unexpected squeak of a floorboard in the dead of night.”