A New Goodreads Giveaway Begins Today!!
09/25/2017 6:55am

A new giveaway is underway! I truly appreciate the interest and, if you can, a rating or review.

Here’s an excerpt:

One photo of my father, handsome in a blue uniform, hung on the wall. Whenever Cathy said grace, my eyes would wander to that particular picture, and I would recall the games of catch, walleye fishing on the lake, our hikes through the Metroparks. We’d wander the trails there most Saturday mornings, just my dad and me. Afterward, he’d take me to Pete’s Hotdogs on Lorain, and we’d gorge on dogs stuffed into steamed buns and topped with local Stadium mustard and greasy fried onions. Those were the memories I’d try to focus on.

But I could never, ever block out the rest.